Weight Loss

One in four people in the UK is classified as obese according to the NHS, a statistic which has led Britain to being branded as ‘the fat man of Europe’.

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are some of the dangerous conditions associated with being overweight.

But despite all the of evidence and obvious risks, a lot of us can still struggle to keep our weight under control.

You might already have tried all kinds of diets, new fitness regimes and gym memberships yet still the bulge remains.

So how can solution focused hypnotherapy help?

Well, it doesn’t involve me directly requesting your subconscious mind to eat less or exercise more.

At some level there is an emotional reason why people become overweight, whether that emotional response to ‘comfort eat’ to excess is driven by either depression, anxiety or anger issues.

By reducing the negative influences of these emotions using solution focused hypnotherapy, you can then reassess your previous behaviours and habits which led you to use food as an emotional crux in the first place.

When you reach this point, you will regain control of your eating habits and able to make the right choices when it comes to a healthy diet.

The proof is quite literally in the pudding because I am currently using this technique on myself through self hypnosis and have completely eliminated white bread and biscuits from my daily food intake.

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