Depression can affect people in many different ways, with symptoms varying on an individual basis.

Life can throw all kinds of things at us, good and bad, with everyone reacting differently.

For most people negative feelings related to disappointments and setbacks will blow over quite quickly.

However, if after a fortnight you still display one or more of the following symptoms (* source NHS) then you could well be depressed.

a) low mood lasting two weeks or more

b) not getting any enjoyment out of life

c) feeling hopeless

d) feeling tired or lacking energy

e) not being able to concentrate on everyday activities

f) comfort eating or loss of appetite

g) sleeping for too long or not enough

h) having thoughts about self harm or suicide

Depression is usually characterised by black and white thinking with a lack of perspective on everyday ups and downs.

Key indicators to look out for are how personally we take events, how pervasive we see events and how permanent we think an event is.

The way we think and feel about things really does go a long way to how we feel.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with depression as it challenges our thought processes quite quickly and gets you concentrating on the positive things in your life.

I will explain at your initial consultation how the brain works in relation to depression and what you need to do to maintain the right production levels of serotonin as depression stops the flow of this vital feelgood neurotransmitter.

Hypnotherapy engages the subconscious part of the brain with positive suggestion so you can expect to a change in thinking style quite quickly.

Depression is usually tied in with anxiety and hypnotherapy will also ease this problem at the same time.

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