We all feel a bit anxious and stressed from time to time, especially in this technologically savvy age where seemingly everyone is expected to be on permanent call 24/7 via phones, emails and social media.

Stress and anxiety will always be a fact of life and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if kept under control.

For instance it can be good to have a little bit of pre-event anxiety about an upcoming job interview, stage performance, a first date or a house move because these are exciting occasions where some degree of trepidation is perfectly understandable. We are all human after all.

Sadly for some people anxiety can quickly get out of control and ends up having a hugely negative and debilitating impact on all aspects of their everyday lives.

It can manifest itself in all kinds of forms including social anxiety, OCD, phobias, IBS, blushing and panic attacks to name just some examples.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a great method of reducing anxiety and stress because it enables you to reassess and change current negative thought patterns relatively quickly.

Be regaining control of your anxiety levels you should be able to notice a big difference, ideally between eight to 12 sessions although in some cases even sooner.

It really is for you to determine what constitutes success, as it is you who will be the one reaping the benefits in your everyday life.

At your free no obligation initial consultation I will explain how anxiety is created, to recognise the causes, what you need do to keep it in check and how solution focused hypnotherapy will prove hugely beneficial.

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