Fear of flying, trips to the doctors or dentists, exams, public speaking, driving test nerves and social situations are just some examples of common phobias which solution focused hypnotherapy can help you conquer.

Phobias can be extremely debilitating and restrictive, but the good news is hypnotherapy is a proven way of overcoming these fears.

In fact, more often than not they can actually be dealt with in just four sessions.

At your free no-obligation initial consultation we will discuss whatever your fear is before I explain how some of us come to suffer from phobias, how the brain works in relation to their creation and why hypnotherapy is indeed the right option for you.

If you agree to go ahead I will provide you with a free relaxation CD to listen to each night before conducting a general hypnosis session seven days later.

The following week I use the rewind technique where the aim is to successfully remove whatever negative emotions and associations you have with the phobia.

Finally the next week you provide me with as much information as possible about how ideally you would like things to go on the day of that flight, dentist appointment, driving test, exam or whatever situation you are aiming to confront without fear or panic is.

I will then reframe that ideal scenario in your subconscious mind so you should be then ready to deal with the phobia.

The aim is to conduct the reframe session the day before the big event so ideally you should book your initial consultation three weeks before that holiday, medical visit, driving test etc.

However, there is certainly flexibility so don’t worry too much if you are already behind on this schedule.

The quicker you book your free no-obligation initial consultation, the sooner we can get the whole life changing process underway!